Survey Results

Table 4-4 in Building the Survey shows the responses by geography and industry. The responses by geography showed North America (U.S., Canada, and Mexico) and Asia (India, China, and Malaysia) had the most respondents, with 91 and 133, respectively. Europe and the Middle East had only two respondents each.

‎With 99 respondents, the petroleum/oil/gas industry had the most returns with the remaining industries ranging from four to 24. The ability to make statistically significant statements concerning corrosion management practices based on geographies and industries is limited by the number of responses received. Nevertheless, geography and industry practices were compared based on the available data. Because benchmarking is key for companies comparing practices among geographies, industries, and peers, the benchmarking capability from this study will continue. It will be possible for companies to perform a corrosion management self-assessment for the first time or perform a re-assessment of their practices through a continuing program sponsored by NACE International.