Regional Focus Group Discussions

Concurrent with the surveys, focus group discussions were held in selected parts of the world. These focus group meetings were held to gain further insight into corrosion management philosophies and practices of targeted industries or industry groups. The primary goal of the focus group meetings was to understand identified gaps that exist in specific industry segments. The focus group meetings were held in:

  • The Middle East (Oil and Gas).
    • National Oil Companies in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi.
  • India (Chemical, Oil and Gas, and Pipelines).
    • Mumbai and New Delhi.
  • China (Shipbuilding and Marine Ports).
    • Shanghai.
  • Malaysia (Oil and Gas).
    • National Oil Company.
  • U.S.A. (municipal drinking water).
    • Los Angeles, California.

The focus group discussions were moderated by NACE International following similar survey protocols.

The focus group meetings were basically conducted in the form of an open forum discussion about a specific organization’s corrosion management approach. The objective was to provide a forum for talking about the daily realities of corrosion management and engineering within their organizations, and identify any potential best practices in place. The focus group discussions were guided by an outline developed by the study project team and conducted by NACE staff.

Table 4-6. Focus Group Discussion Guide
Observations and insights from the focus groups were compiled and incorporated with the self-assessment survey analysis.