In order to gain insight into global corrosion management practices across several industries, a survey was prepared and sent out to a broad range of industries.

The industries surveyed ranged from aerospace and aviation to chemical, petrochemical, and oil and gas across the world. The main objectives of the survey were to assess, where possible, the corrosion management practices in the various industries and organizations, and to identify and understand any gaps or shortcomings in what is considered best practice.

It is critical to understand the business and work processes being performed to manage corrosion costs across the asset life cycle. In turn, this can be used to assess the benefits of differing levels of corrosion management practices and help to identify potential best practices for other organizations to adopt.

The study followed a parallel self-assessment survey and interview process that resulted in key observations and findings (‎Figure 4-1). Interviews were accomplished in (i) a series of regional focus group discussions and (ii) individual interviews with subject matter experts (SMEs). The focus groups allowed for open dialog about a specific industry’s corrosion management practices, business needs, challenges, and opportunities to support future improvement. The individual interviews with SMEs allowed for more in-depth discussions concerning an individual organization.

Figure 4-1. Survey study flow diagram.