NACE International Thanks the Worldwide Sponsors of the IMPACT Study

"Our aim was to benchmark our practices with other global leading companies to continuously learn and improve..."
-Saudi Aramco
"With its global perspective, the IMPACT study will advance corrosion research and development."
-Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Science
"The IMPACT study's focus on the importance of strong management collaboration and corrosion planning has the potential to reduce the costs of corrosion and make our world safer."
-U.S. Department of Defense
"The IMPACT study is more than data, it is a tool that all corrosion professionals can use to change the way corrosion control decisions are made."
-National Institute of Advanced Studies
"Unlike other studies IMPACT focuses on practical solutions to reducing the effects -and costs- of corrosion. It's an industry first we're proud to be a part of."
"The IMPACT study provides our members with information backed by data to support their business needs."
-Australasian Corrosion Association
"We know that qualified people and good technology are not always enough - projects are funded when owner management sees the ongoing need for corrosion control, and not only after an asset has begun to fail."
-International Union of Painters and Allied Trades
"Now we have information that demonstrates what executive leaders can expect with a complete asset life cycle corrosion management system."
-NACE International Northern Area
"Contributing to studies like IMPACT help ensure our country's infrastructure and assets are built and maintained with appropriate attention to policies and management."
-National Institute for Materials Science
"This study is the resource that decision makers should use to understand, support, and begin a corrosion management system."
-Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials
"The industry trends and best practices, recommendations, and life cycle and cost optimization tools in the study will increase the use of corrosion control measures by industry."
"the IMPACT study is the vehicle to bring about a change in this view of looking at safety, quality and performance throughout the total life cycle of an asset."